Futuro 50|50 | Neue Sammlung

A flying saucer in town – Virtual Reality experience at Neue Sammlung

Die Neue Sammlung hosting Futuro 50/50

“In 2018, the FUTURO house by the finnish architect Matti Suuronen celebrated its 50th birthday hosted by die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum. As a multifunctional and transportable house, the Futuro 1968 was way ahead of its time. It stands for the belief in upcoming technologies and progress of the 1960s. During the exhibition “Futuro 50 | 50”, the architect’s vision of that time is shown in a temporary installation on the occasion of the building’s fiftieth birthday. The futuro, originally designed as a ski hut, is given a virtual reconstruction and recontextualization, whereby the original interior and the modular concept of the design can be experienced interactively in 360 °.

– Presented by Carla Schorr and Michael Käsdorf


The Futuro- Iconic Space Age design of the 60s’

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